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Creating value for a

sustainable world


Valore CO2 provides access to the voluntary carbon-credit market

Valore CO2 has created one of the world’s first platforms for the creation, trading and offsetting of non-fungible tokens representing carbon credits obtained in the context of certified projects in the voluntary market.


From carbon credits to VACO2

Customers that have obtained carbon credits through a certified project can take advantage using the services of Valore CO2. Through its proprietary platform based on sustainable low-carbon blockchain technology (Polygon), Valore CO2 issues non-fungible tokens (VACO2)

1 VACO2 = 1 tonne of saved CO2


Low-emission blockchain technology

VACO2 tokens are “digital certificates” based on blockchain technology with the purpose of unique, non-replaceable and non-replicable identification of carbon credits generated by a project that can be leveraged or traded in the market.


Secure and reliable trading

The Valore CO2 platform uses blockchain technology to guarantee traceability, uniqueness and ownership of tokens and through its showcase marketplace enables the platform users to promote the trading of the tokens with other platform users.

Services provided

Valore CO2 offers comprehensive support services to its customers, from planning greenhouse gases reduction and/or removal project – until to complete the entire procedure for issue VACO2 tokens. the digital representation of one tonne of CO2 emissions saved or absorbed. Tokens can therefore be traded, sold or simply offset, securely and quickly with a fully verifiable process.  Specifically, the consulting service includes:

Qualified consulting for evaluation and planning of emission-reduction projects through to certification of carbon credits

Valore CO2 guides customers with a team of qualified sustainability experts for identification and implementation of CO2 emission-reduction projects, from planning through to certification of credits. Valore CO2 supports customers in all phases required to obtain credits generated by certified projects in accordance with internationally recognised standards.

Publication of the project and credits generated on public register

Certified carbon credits must be registered on public registers in order to proceed with digitalisation. Valore CO2 guides customers through this process using leading national and international public registers (e.g. VERRA, GS, eco2care etc.). Registration is a fundamental step in order to give credibility and transparency to certified credits obtained by a project and therefore for the subsequent process of tokenisation using blockchain technology that enables them to be leveraged and traded.

Process for emission of VACO2 Tokens on Carbon-Negative Public Blockchain through a secure and verifiable standard

Valore CO2 has developed a secure and verifiable protocol that enables issue of VACO2 Tokens. The issue of VACO2 Tokens is guaranteed by the corresponding Carbon Credits on the register that are “immobilised” by the company, and which can be offset or “released” on the register through the token. The Blockchain and Smart Contract developed by Valore CO2 make the process publicly verifiable.

Platform for simple and secure trading and offsetting of tokens

Valore CO2 has developed a platform that enables management of VACO2 Tokens. The platform simplifies portfolio management using a personal wallet enabling all transactions through a secure and intuitive interface.

The platform therefore enables transfer, trading and offsetting of VACO2 tokens and the corresponding carbon credits.

Our mission

Creating value for a sustainable future

This innovative business is founded on extensive experience in carbon-credits and sustainability-projects. It was established with the aim of developing new opportunities in the industrial sector, incentivising companies to engage with the voluntary carbon-credits market enabling them to achieve environmental and social results whilst generating economic value through the tokenisation and trading of Carbon Credits. With a transparent and secure approach, the platform – meets the international standards and has implemented 

 processes approved by third parties – which are publicly verifiable by any entity. Valore CO2 has created a new way for customers to take a path with a tangible and sustainable environmental impact. This offers support to companies with the aim of defining strategies and actions to pursue decarbonisation, generating value collectively and for the company itself through certified carbon credits and their tokenisation on the voluntary market.

Reducing your carbon footprint is...

“one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind”

cit. Neil Armstrong

Technical partner

APIO, an innovative SME, with international experience in the implementation of innovative projects utilising technology such as IoT and Blockchain. Apio created the tech platform and has led technical implementation of Smart Contracts.