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About us

Valore CO2 is the climate-tech company of the APG Group

The APG Group, in addition to extensive experience in oleochemicals and products from natural materials, has a proven record of decades of focus on sustainability and on the carbon footprint of its products and processes.

Valore CO2 guides its customers throughout the identification and development of projects (for processes and/or products) capable of reducing and/or absorbing greenhouse gases and harnessing the results achieved by obtaining certified carbon credits.

Through the proprietary Valore CO2 platform,

the company also enables certified carbon credits to be introduced to the blockchain through the creation of non-fungible tokens (VACO2) for trading on the market or, where applicable, offsetting in order to reduce environmental impact.

Valore CO2 is the perfect partner which can help you achieve a truly sustainable approach, harnessing certified projects to develop a full carbon-credit market on a voluntary basis also within the industrial sector, opening up new opportunities and new business models for sustainable development.


We generate value for our customers through programmes which reduce greenhouse-gas emissions and contribute to more sustainable human activity.


To offer our experience to the market, contributing to global decarbonisation through tangible, realistic and verifiable actions to reduce emissions, particularly in the industrial sector.


In order to eliminate emissions by 2050, it will not be sufficient to “offset” generated greenhouse-gas emissions. Instead, we need to actively reduce them as far as possible, replacing the use of products with a high carbon footprint with lower-carbon alternatives and promoting new processes that reduce and/or permit recovery of greenhouse-gas emissions against current levels.